“I met attorney Reed five years ago through a client and good friend,  who recommended I talk to her, to discuss the options to process my work permit and residence in the United States.

During our first meeting with attorney Reed, and after I explained my case, I was presented, in a very clear way, with several options I had to achieve my goal. Subsequently and to date, Ms. Reed has been responsible in carrying out all the necessary petitions to reside and work in the United States, with an end goal to permanent residence.

In all cases, attorney Reed’s demeanor has always been friendly and very professional. By this I mean, that in all dates and deadlines that she has given, it has been explained to me clearly what to expect at each stage. Her projections and estimates have always been fulfilled, allowing us to move forward swiftly and safely, with all the consequent procedures to my case.

Through this I allow myself to highly recommend attorney Reed, for all necessary paperwork and legal representation in any immigration proceedings before federal agencies in the United States.”