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What We Do

Immigrant Petitions

Are you looking for guidance on how to start the process of becoming a resident of the United States? Our firm is here to assist you in each stage of filing for your Immigrant Petition. We understand this process can be stressful and are here to help you navigate and offer clarity on what your best options are.

Non-Immigrant Petitions

We also help in guiding through the process of applying for a Nonimmigrant Visa. If you are a permanent resident of another country but needing to be in the U.S. on a temporary basis for work, travel, medical treatments or study, we are here to help determine which type of visa best fits your situation.

Family & Citizenship

We believe that borders should never keep you from your family. Whether you are interested in Naturalization, US Citizenship or Permanent Residence through immigration sponsored by a relative. Permanent Residence through family-sponsored immigration allows close relatives of US citizens and lawful permanent residents to immigrate to the United States.

About Me

Elizabeth Reed is licensed to practice law by the U.S. District of Columbia and in Mexico. She has a passionate commitment to being empathetic and supportive. Elizabeth started ERLF with a simple mission: to provide an experience that makes a positive difference in people’s lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Visa do I need?

What is the process like?

How long will it take to become naturalized?

Got Questions? We have Answers!

We will help you answer these and virtually every other immigration-related question. For nearly five years, we’ve worked to fulfill a larger mission than simply visa processing: to deliver truly meaningful solutions to businesses of all sizes, and people and families from all walks of life – no matter what stage you are in your journey. We employ a uniquely holistic approach, combining an incredibly deep knowledge of immigration laws and service procedures with a profoundly strategic understanding of our clients’ challenges and requirements. We have helped thousands of employees, employers and families successfully navigate the immigration process with an unwavering commitment to service.

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